Dan Lok

Who is Dan Lok?

As mentioned in my previous private post with regards to my business, I decided to be more focused.
There are lots of both free and paid information online and I have been learning from different gurus of topics such as copywriting, business mindsets, e-commerce, etc.
I get information overload which resulted in me not doing anything in the end.

Enough of procrastination, and time to take action!
(Should I decide to make the post public, you can read it from the link here: https://marcuscstan.com/why-i-need-a-mentor)

It is important for me to change my mindset and learn from the right mentor, in order to change my life for the better.
I signed up to be in the Dan On Demand Programme by Dan Lok.


Who is Dan Lok? 

Dan Lok a.k.a. The King Of High-Ticket Sales™ is a Chinese-Canadian business magnate, world-renowned marketer, and entrepreneur extraordinaire.
Mr. Lok is seen as the world’s foremost expert in marketing, business, self-made millionaire by 27, and is now an 8-figure (growing to 9-figures) entrepreneur.
Today, Mr. Lok is the founder of the High-Ticket Closer™ Certification Program – a global movement of men and women from 100+ countries who have helped businesses close tens of millions of dollars in high-ticket offers.
Mr. Lok is also a two times TEDx opening speaker which you can watch on YouTube at the links below:

He had shared stages with other industry leaders like Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, and many others.
Mr. Lok is an international best-selling author of 12 books.

I have been following him on Youtube for quite some time as he posts a lot of free and useful business-related videos on a daily basis.
Even if you just want to be a better person than you are yesterday, his no fluff videos are also applicable which can kick you in the butt and give you a wake-up call.

Here are two videos about him.

What are my aims and my dream life?

Not in any sequence, I aim to:

  • Build up my e-commerce business and have a team of people passionately working in it, bringing in recurring income on a daily basis.
  • Be a respectable leader everyone looks up to.
  • Have the liquidity to invest in instruments as another source of income.
    Examples of such instruments are bonds, stocks, real estate, REITs, cryptocurrencies, etc 
  • Be debt free, live happily and healthily with my wife, without any worry of any expenses and yet practice prudence.
  • Learn the skills that we wish to have.
  • Retire my parents to allow them to have the time to do the things they love.
  • Be able to financially give back to the community & do charities.
  • Teach others to do the same.


Sifu Dan,
My cup is empty and I am ready to learn!

Image source: https://twitter.com/danthemanlok