Forget the new year resolutions

Forget Your New Year Resolutions

Forget your new year resolutions. How many people do you know who have new years resolutions every single year, yet they’re still broke. Still overweight. And still single? Probably a […]

Dan Lok

Who is Dan Lok?

As mentioned in my previous private post with regards to my business, I decided to be more focused. There are lots of both free and paid information online and I […]


Can You Take A HDB Housing Loan?

If you are buying a resale flat, Housing Development Board (HDB) provides HDB housing loans at a concessionary interest rate, in which your (the buyers’) credit limits are assessed by HDB […]

Stamp Duty rubber stamp

What Are Stamp Duties?

In Singapore, purchasers, sellers and tenants of any property are required to pay tax known as the Stamp Duty. Buying There are 2 types of stamp duties applicable to purchasers […]